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What actually is MANA? “Mana – a sacred spiritual force believed to reside in a person, place or thing. Another way to describe mana would be that it is a universal life force that flows in every manifestation of worldly reality and fills it with life.”

Thank you for your interest in Mana de Ibiza.

Ibiza is a magical place that has captivated everyone since its discovery. Beautiful white beaches with turquoise sea, omnipresent pine groves, unspoiled nature and historical monuments. You will love the lifestyle, charm and beauty of the island. Ibiza is luxury.

We have the most competent partners for you in Ibiza and can do everything your heart desires for an unforgettable stay. But we are much more than that. We make your stay in Ibiza an unforgettable experience!

It goes without saying that we offer our clients an unparalleled level of discreet, tailor-made services.

We have a wide range of accommodation options for you. Should it be an apartment, a beautiful Ibizan finca or even a luxury villa? No problem… We are able to arrange properties for both recreational purposes and long term rentals, investments & purchases.

But that’s not all…

We can also do the related property management for you. We live in Ibiza all year round, so we can efficiently respond to changes / unexpected events / and requests, which is a great advantage for you. You do not have to worry about property management and you can use the time saved for yourself

Do you want to book a rental car, a boat / yacht charter or culinary experiences in the best restaurants? We will arrange this for you! We have contracted a wide network of partners so that we can offer you all services in first class quality.

We are always on site for you and take care of everything with attention to detail.

If you are looking for a vacation where you will not be bored for a second, you should travel to sunny Ibiza. You are not going on an ordinary vacation. You will go on an unforgettable expedition to the realm of dreams and fulfilled desires!

Everything is possible and nothing is impossible!


What do the customers themselves say about our services? Here we bring some reviews directly from our customers.

You can see the original reviews here

Chris Smith

"From start to finish we had a lot of support and we got great insider tips. We always had a contact person and they were always very polite and courteous by our side. Everything is very straightforward and reliable! We will definitely book again with Mana de Ibiza and already we look forward to our next trip to Ibiza 🙂 ”


"They have been to the island twice (1x with family and 1x solo) have always been enthusiastic. It helped us find the right apartment and the right program - with and without children. We felt very well taken care of by" locals ":-) We were definitely not the last with MDI in Ibiza. Kudos to both. "

Rene Hess

"I give it 5 stars because Mana de Ibiza are passionate about what they do !! Service from A to Z is guaranteed. I book again with Mana de Ibiza. Guests are even picked up in person on site in Ibiza..Rene Hess Switzerland"

A picture often says more than one thousand words